A Yoga Path

Hi, I am Becky. I am a mother, a talker, a thinker, an occasional sulker, and a shake-your-booty-er. I have been a student and teacher of yoga for over 10 years, and I love to share what I am learning.

The practice of yoga has changed my life. It heals me every day. I love to share the wisdom of the practice, and I really love that you don’t have to believe a word I say. There is truth in the practice itself and anyone who puts it to work will feel it for themselves.

The path that I travel is only one of many, for yoga is a broad and ancient subject, and I can only share what I have come to learn myself.

So, it seems important to define my teaching style. What kind of yoga do I share and how do I share it?

  • Yoga as a mind/body/spirit practice first and foremost.
  • Building relationships between students and teacher based upon mutual standing and respect.
  • Movement with a focus on accessibility, personal alignment and self-awareness to heal and strengthen the body, exploring many styles of yoga to strive for physical balance to be restored and maintained.
  • Meditation to learn how to quiet the waters of the mind.
  • Breath work to purify and open the healing channels of the energetic body.
  • And thrown in to the teaching mix is a healthy dose of the histories and philosophies of yoga.

I truly love the path I have chosen and if, for a time, we travel together on the journey to well-being, I will be honoured to do so.

Namaste, Becky

Private Yoga

Join me in my home studio if you are local, let’s talk if you want to connect at an outside location (your home,  or Aruba!), or we can connect online via Skype or Zoom.

Yoga is adaptive, and can (and should) be made personal for you. Always beginning with a conversation, focusing on what it is that YOU need and want in your practice. We will explore many tools of yoga together, to find greater well-being in the ways that resonate for you in mind, body and spirit.

  • Private yoga for individuals: a yoga program developed around your own needs and goals. Improve strength, mobility and stability, relieve chronic pain and stress, learn breath and meditation techniques, and become an empowered practitioner of yoga.
  • Small group engagements: If you have a group that wishes to have a yoga practice, we can work together to design a class, workshop, retreat or series to meet your needs.
  • Children, family and teen yoga: individual or group private engagements. I have lots of experience with all ages, and love to share the principles of yoga through the language of play.

Online Scheduling

Book your appointment online or contact me if I can answer any questions or help in any way!

Namaste. Much love, Becky

Sangha Small Group Yoga Series

Registration is now open for Fall 2020! Beta Pricing in effect!

Each class in the 10 class series will include 15 minutes of community connection and discussion of yoga philosophy, followed by 75 minutes of asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and meditations designed with your needs and goals in mind. These classes are accessible and transformative, a great place for beginners and experienced students alike. Now offered in Live and/or Online formats with lots of perks – see below for more info on these classes!

This semester we will be discussing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and the nature of the mind according to this important yoga text.

Please note that due to COVID-19, I am unable to have as many students in my space, which is already very small! With some creativity, I hope to gather in new ways. Please read on to see what is happening, so you can register for the class and participation that works best for you!

2 ways to Participate:

Live and Online:  limited to 5 registrations, each student will be able to join me in studio for 4 out of the 10 sessions of the series they sign up for. Once registered the students will receive an email to sign up for the dates they wish to join live. On other dates, the students will be able to join the live stream via Zoom.

Online Only – limited to 10 registrations, each student can join live via Zoom. There will be a tv in my studio so we can all see your faces, and we will figure out how to connect in community when some are joining live and some are joining digitally! I will be able to observe you and offer feedback too.

6-7:30pm, Tuesdays,October 6-December 8, 2020

9-10:30am, Fridays, October 9-December 11, 2020

Register Your Spot Here

Perks for Sangha students! 

      • one free 30min consultation call anytime to discuss any specific goals, needs or questions you may have.
      • 50% off all private yoga during the length of the series!! This is so cool and I hope to have some of you take me up on this. This is a massive discount exclusive to Sangha students. If you are interested, private yoga can easily be part of your yoga this fall. We can meet in studio or online. Yes, these can be purchased for future use but are limited to your personal use and cannot be gifted to others. More details to come once registered.
      • Receive access to the downloadable recordings of our 10 classes and save them to come back to again and again for life! 

Payment or payment arrangements are due at the time of registration.  Cancelled classes will be made up at the end of the session dates. Every class will be recorded and shared ONLY with the registered students from that session. If there is room in current sessions, you are welcome to join and pay a pro-rated fee for the remainder. 

Please contact me for payment arrangements or if I can be of any assistance.


I am located within the town of Strathmore, Alberta. Many of my classes are livestreamed online. Please refer to your registration confirmation email for details for the address, Zoom links, or contact me directly for any questions you may have. 

Let’s talk! Please feel free to email me here or give me a call or text. I look forward to connecting with you.

Phone: 403-710-4294